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6 Ways To Make Sure You Love Your Partner MORE After Your Next Fight

Yes, a fight can actually bring you together. In a perfect world, couples would never fight. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and people in relationships often feel misunderstood, neglected, insecure, and any number of other emotions that can lead to fights and disagreements.

That doesn’t mean your relationship is headed for doom and gloom, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you're any 'less connected' as a couple.

Fighting, or arguing, can even be healthy for a relationship IF it’s done respectfully and you both come out of it with a better understanding of the other person when the conflict is resolved.

So, here are six rules to help you "fight nice" the next time you and your partner squabble:

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Is Your Attitude Losing Altitude?

Did you know that you can stay positive virtually all the time? It’s a choice. But what if you expect good and don’t always get the outcome you’re hoping for? Well, if you expect the worst, you won’t always get the desired results either. Choosing the brighter outlook produces time spent cheerful and happy instead of downtrodden by gloomy predictions. Doesn’t that make sense?

Do you have a positive outlook on life? Might you be in need of an attitude adjustment?

Even if you want to change it, better to have an attitude of good getting better than depress yourself by focusing on negatives.

Think about this:

Divorced is not pathetic. It is an opportunity for an upgrade. Even if he left you, more than likely you will live to see the day you thank him.

Becoming widowed leaves a painful void and life changes but your partner did not leave you willingly. Trust remains intact, and this trust can be a wonderful starting point for taking a risk on a brand new love adventure.

Never married doesn’t label you as the Great Unwanted. It simply means you never made a bad choice. The big plus is your relationship baggage is small enough to carry into a new love with less problems coming with you.

An imperfect commitment you don’t want to leave offers two choices. One, start finding, acknowledging, and saying out loud everything that is right about your partner. You never know - you might convince both of you this partnership is better than you think it is. Or, your other choice is to gently let it be and start focusing on your own self-improvement.

When conditions force you into more alone time, see it as an opportunity.

As important as communication is, without connection — touching, sensing, and giving what you've learned your partner needs — a relationship is less likely to be sustainable.

Connection is an all-important key component to a happy love life and a hot relationship.

Here are 7 ways to keep that connection alive and learn how to have a hot relationship.

1. Keep your mate’s most loving messages and texts on your phone and reread them.

If ever you're feeling less than fully satisfied with your relationship or whenever you want to smile, leaving these messages as reminders can help give you that loving boost you need.

For example, Jesse was a guy who knew how to keep a lady happy. He had three rules: 1. What the lady wants, the lady gets 2. Spoil her, spoil her, spoil her 3. When in doubt, refer to the first two rules.

One of this clever man’s ideas was to make every day Valentine’s Day with a card, email, or Post-It note at least daily. His mate, Jenny, knew she’d find something somewhere, but never knew in what form or where she would find them.


Jesse’s notes could be written on a mirror, hidden in the pocket of her coat, or emailed at a precise time so it would be the first thing she saw when she sat down at her desk at work.

His notes included statements like:

  • “You're the center of my life.”
  • “My challenge is to keep you in love with me for a lifetime.”
  • “Sex based on love is two melting into one and waking up in heaven.”
  • “You are hot. You are beautiful. You have class. You've entranced me.”

Men have a lot to do with the success of a relationship, and Jesse is an example of a man who decides to be responsible for the romance level in his marriage and wins.


2. Make time to make love.

Unfortunately, over time, most couples stop making love with the frequency they did in the beginning and call it normal.

The longer you are together, the more obligation you have to keep that sparks flying. That usually means spending quality time alone together.

Take every opportunity you can to make love by word, deed, and physical touch — even if it doesn’t end in intercourse.

If one or both of you is too tired for sex by the time you go to bed, go to bed earlier. And you don’t need to be in your bed to make love. Have sex on the weekends, during the day on the living room floor, on a pool table, or in a guest room.


If you’re with lots of people, make love with your eyes. Steal glances across the room, or touch each other under the table.

You don’t need to be ostentatious about your public displays of affection — grossing out the kids or dinner guests is not the goal. In fact, it’s more fun when no one knows you’re doing it.

If you need to communicate to your partner that you desire more sex, try to do it in a nonverbal way first. You should know by now what it takes to get your partner interested, so just do it.

And if you can focus on being a better and more generous lover, they're probably going to want lovemaking more often, too. If they're pressuring you for more than you want, express how attractive they are to you.


Explain that them backing off a bit gives you room to build desire. Then keep that promise.

3. Kick the kids out of your bed.

The family bed concept is terrible for your sex life and can get a bit weird as your children grow. It might bring a sense of connection to the family, but it tends to lessen the connection between parents.

Also, take things a step further and put a lock on your bedroom door. Without one, having a comfortable, relaxing sex life is hard. You'll always be nervous about your kids walking in, and you really don’t want to risk traumatizing them or yourself.

After all, what’s sexy about an image of the kids walking in and screaming every time you and your mate start to undress?


You don’t have to keep kids out of your room at all times, but make sure it’s on your terms when your bedroom door is unlocked.

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4. Keep your pets out, too.

Bonding over a pet you both love is great. But if one of you is bonding more with the pet than with you, you have a problem.

If it’s the latter, it doesn’t mean the pet has to go — but reconsider its role in your life.

Pets can come between couples literally and physically. Someone who's lavishing excessive attention on the pet may be avoiding intimacy in the relationship.

In addition, some pets like to sleep right between their two owners, making it impossible for you and your partner to touch each other. And touching, sexual or not, is good for a marriage and good for your health.


5. Do things together.

Doing things together is a great way to be mutual. But make sure you’re taking time to do things together just for the sake of doing them, and not because they have to be done.

Quality leisure time is good foreplay. Carve out some time to spend exclusively with your partner. Take a class together, exercise, nap, go out to eat, or read the same book.

Share a sense of adventure by traveling together. Train for a race together.

There’s a special bonding and turn-on that comes along with working out together, because your endorphins kick in and you and your partner will share a natural high. You can get similar highs from sharing good food, laughter, socializing, learning, and volunteering.


It really doesn’t matter what you do; the point is to do it together.

6. Share a calendar.

This is of utmost importance. So many fights start just because someone didn’t have the right information.

He: "I didn’t know about your great-aunt’s birthday lunch."
She: "Well, I told you."
He: "Well, I must not have heard you."
She: "You must not have been listening."

This is precisely what a shared calendar can help prevent.

Sharing a calendar, either online or on paper, eliminates some squabbles. And irritation is definitely not foreplay.

He can’t be mad because he cooked a big dinner without looking at the calendar to know that you would be at spin class instead of the dinner table.


And you can’t be mad that he can’t come to your last-minute work cocktail party because you already know he has a long-standing weekly softball game and the team counts on him. Fair is fair.

7. Enjoy every minute.

If you're at a point where you're able to openly and honestly connect with your partner, you’ve also reached a point where you’re open and honest with yourself about who you are and what you need from life.

Enjoy and appreciate every minute, even the less-perfect ones. It's easier to get through difficult times with consideration and respect, plus the cushion of a whole lot of loving.