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Don't lose Altitude on your Attitude.

About Janet Page

Dr. Page is a psychotherapist working with individuals, couples, and groups in New York City and Atlanta. Janet is available for appointments, consultation, or speaking engagements via phone, skype, or in person. She has been featured extensively in the media including appearances on CNN, HLN, FOX, The Early Show, Hour Magazine, and The Roseanne Show. Articles have been published in The New York Times, New York Magazine, The New York Daily News, Men's Health Magazine, US World and News Report, The Ladies Home Journal, Glamour Magazine, HLN Magazine, Fox News Magazine, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Self Magazine, The Atlantan, Men's Book and L.A. Singles. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. She speaks to audiences around the country about how to win at marriage, building intimacy, keeping sex and romance from 20 to forever, and achieving excellence in business and professional relationships. For fourteen years, she was "Noonday's" psychotherapist on NBC WXIA TV's popular news show, and later joined "Peachtree Morning", and "Good for Parents". For twenty two years, she taught "I Will Be Married in A Year" at Emory University. Dr. Page's book Get Married This Year was published by Adams Media in 2012, in Korea in 2013, Poland in 2014, and it will be published in Japan in 2015.

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Success Stories

Even Carrie Bradshaw Would Appreciate! “Want some practical advice on how to get and keep a man? Dr. Page has tips even Carrie Bradshaw would appreciate--not to mention Grandma. In "Get Married this Year: 365 Days to "I Do", learn how to cinch-belt that leopard skin, pick up that club, love-tap that guy, drag him back to your lair and keep him there. He'll love you for it.” ~ Marie Masters, Assistant Director, New Group Theater Company

A Good Kick in the Pants Reminder

"If you are looking to have a ring on your finger this year, but don't have the person you want to slip it on there yet, treat yourself to a copy of Janet Blair Page's new book. Even if you are in a relationship this book has some very good introspective tips that all of us can use either as a new guide or a good "Kick in the pants" reminder." ~ Atlanta New Relationship Examiner

No Manipulation, No Games

“The book's message is … no manipulation, no games. Just a plan to take an honest look at yourself … Dr. Janet Page begins with asking readers to understand what you really want in a relationship, and admit to patterns that haven't served you in the past. Then she moves on to how to … enjoy yourself on a date rather than look at it as a chore. ‘If you are doing this right, you feel great, are enjoying yourself, and know that dating is not a funeral. It is an opportunity.’” ~ Examiner

6 Ways To Make Sure You Love Your Partner MORE After Your Next Fight

Yes, a fight can actually bring you together. In a perfect world, couples would never fight. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and people in relationships often feel misunderstood, neglected, insecure, and any number of other emotions that can lead to fights and disagreements.

That doesn’t mean your relationship is headed for doom and gloom, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you're any 'less connected' as a couple.

Fighting, or arguing, can even be healthy for a relationship IF it’s done respectfully and you both come out of it with a better understanding of the other person when the conflict is resolved.

So, here are six rules to help you "fight nice" the next time you and your partner squabble:

The Surprising Key To Feeling Sexy

Albert Einstein may have suffered from cognitive decline but no one was smart enough to know. Memories don't start declining until very late in life. If you're doing it right, there is more in stored in memory as life rolls on. And filing can be a problem. Think about it: now compared to 10 years ago, you know more. Memory has expanded but isn't limitless. What you may perceive as decline is uncontrolled off loading. In the future, we may have a system for controlled erasure. But now your brain gets rid of what is, for the most part, superfluous.

The Surprising Key To Feeling Sexy Huffingtonpost

Watch Dr. Janet Page on HLN discussing Get Married This Year

Watch Dr. Janet Page on HLN discussing Keep Love Alive

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Do you often tell yourself that a New Year also brings a new you? Do you find yourself frustrated because you somehow find yourself right back where you started? Let this year be different. Are you looking for an improved career? New love? Are you depressed or anxious? Janet Blair Page, PhD is a psychotherapist with more than thirty years of experience in private practice in New York and Atlanta. She has taught at Emory University in Atlanta and The New School for Social Research in New York City and has been in the New York Times, Glamour Magazine and on CNN, FOX, Good Morning America, and The Early Show. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Read more>>


Get Married This Year, by Dr. Janet PageGet Married This Year

By Dr. Janet Page

The Proven Program Trusted by Thousands of Happy Couples — Now in Print!

Forget waiting for Mr. Right! You can go out and find "The One" yourself when you follow the Get Married This Year plan. Celebrated relationship expert Dr. Janet Blair Page has distilled the very best of her acclaimed dating class at Emory University — the one covered by CNN, FOX, Good Morning America, and The Early Show — into this one-of-a-kind book. She's helped bring thousands of singles true love — and now it's your turn!

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