Janet Page

Janet Page

Author Of Get Married This Year
Podcast Host of Love Power


Dr. Page offers personalized therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups. Phone, Secure Video, FaceTime or Skype sessions are available.

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Dr. Page is available for workshops in person or via phone, Secure Video, FaceTime or Skype.

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Lean More About Therapy

Is Your Attitude Losing Altitude?

Did you know that you can stay positive virtually all the time? It’s a choice. But what if you expect good and don’t always get the outcome you’re hoping for? Well, if you expect the worst, you won’t always get the desired results either. Choosing the brighter outlook produces time spent cheerful and happy instead of downtrodden by gloomy predictions. Doesn’t that make sense?


Positivism is the food of happiness. And happiness and joy are the fuel for effectiveness in love and work.

Joy and pleasure promote both mental and physical health, but pleasure is not an end goal. We need pleasure and fun in our lives but can be deeply satisfied when we have mastery and purpose in productivity, love and knowledge.

I get much joy in the process of helping clients not only get better but well through helping them separate their goals and intentions from what others’ might wish and find their motivation for achieving what they truly wish.

Communication is key. Passivity in expressing wants and needs can de-rail any relationship – business or personal. But expression needs to be positive, caring and tactful if your objective is peace not war; productivity not self-indulgence. Yelling is only necessary if someone is in imminent danger.

I am trained in client-centered interactive cognitive, relational and behavioral therapy. I am fortunate to have post graduate training with Laura Perls, co-founder of Gestalt therapy and Albert Ellis, founder of Rational Emotive Therapy.



  1. Positive psychology
  2. Self Worth and Self esteem
  3. Anxiety and Depression
  4. Communication Skill Building
  5. Life Transitions/Management
  6. Creative Development
  7. Finding and Keeping Love
  8. Business/Executive Coaching
  9. Parenting
  10. Couples Intimacy/Repair and Enhancement

The Book

365 Days To "I Do"

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Get to know yourself

Assess the past for a brighter future.

Taking the first step

The long road makes arrival that much sweeter.

Marie Masters
Marie Masters

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Suite 101

Suite 101 Self-Help Books

"I'd recommend the book for those looking to find the right person to form a long-lasting relationship, even if marriage is not the desired result. It's a quick read and offers plenty of good advice."


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"If you are looking to have a ring on your finger this year, but don't have the person you want to slip it on there yet, treat yourself to a copy of Janet Blair Page's new book. …


The book is loaded with tips and advice, but it is also interactive in that it begins with having the reader take a good look at themselves and their history in Chapter One…


“This is a tall order, but one that Dr. Page has been doing for many years. She says that the goal of the book is not to simply get “married off” but to marry well. Through stories, worksheets, and…

Luxury Reading
Luxury Reading

“Don’t let the title Get Married This Year: 365 Days to “I Do” throw you off of this book. It’s not just about getting hitched. …