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6 Ways To Make Sure You Love Your Partner MORE After Your Next Fight

Yes, a fight can actually bring you together. In a perfect world, couples would never fight. But we don’t live in a perfect world, and people in relationships often feel misunderstood, neglected, insecure, and any number of other emotions that can lead to fights and disagreements.

That doesn’t mean your relationship is headed for doom and gloom, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you're any 'less connected' as a couple.

Fighting, or arguing, can even be healthy for a relationship IF it’s done respectfully and you both come out of it with a better understanding of the other person when the conflict is resolved.

So, here are six rules to help you "fight nice" the next time you and your partner squabble:

FEATURED: Is Your Attitude Losing Altitude?

Is Your Attitude Losing Altitude?

Did you know that you can stay positive virtually all the time? It’s a choice. But what if you expect good and don’t always get the outcome you’re hoping for? Well, if you expect the worst, you won’t always get the desired results either. Choosing the brighter outlook produces time spent cheerful and happy instead of downtrodden by gloomy predictions. Doesn’t that make sense?

Do you have a positive outlook on life? Might you be in need of an attitude adjustment?

Even if you want to change it, better to have an attitude of good getting better than depress yourself by focusing on negatives.

Think about this:

Divorced is not pathetic. It is an opportunity for an upgrade. Even if he left you, more than likely you will live to see the day you thank him.

Becoming widowed leaves a painful void and life changes but your partner did not leave you willingly. Trust remains intact, and this trust can be a wonderful starting point for taking a risk on a brand new love adventure.

Never married doesn’t label you as the Great Unwanted. It simply means you never made a bad choice. The big plus is your relationship baggage is small enough to carry into a new love with less problems coming with you.

An imperfect commitment you don’t want to leave offers two choices. One, start finding, acknowledging, and saying out loud everything that is right about your partner. You never know - you might convince both of you this partnership is better than you think it is. Or, your other choice is to gently let it be and start focusing on your own self-improvement.

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