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Time to learn where sexiness REALLY comes from.

Albert Einstein may have suffered from cognitive decline, but no one was smart enough to know. Memories don’t start declining until very late in life. If you’re doing it right, there is more in stored for your memory as life rolls on. And filing can be a problem.

Think about it: Now compared to 10 years ago, you know more. Memory has expanded, but isn’t limitless. What you may perceive as decline is uncontrolled off-loading.

In the future, we may have a system for controlled erasure. But now your brain gets rid of what is, for the most part, superfluous.

Can this information make you sexier? Yes — a guarantee. If you would, from this day forward forever, stop saying, “my mind isn’t what it used to be," you will feel smarter, younger, and sexier.

Because anytime you decrease the number of times you insinuate you are a dummy, you decrease the number of times that you will not feel good about yourself.

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t feel sexy, I am feeling like an idiot.


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