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Forget waiting for Mr. Right! You can go out and find "The One" yourself when you follow the Get Married This Year plan. Celebrated relationship expert Dr. Janet Blair Page has distilled the very best of her acclaimed dating class at Emory University — the one covered by CNN, FOX, Good Morning America, and The Early Show — into this one-of-a-kind book. She's helped bring thousands of singles true love — and now it's your turn!

Your To-Do List This Year:

  • Today: Get to know yourself.
  • Next Month: Figure out what you really want from your man.
  • Month 3: Learn how to get out of your own way.
  • Month 6: Take the field and find the right guy.
  • Month 10: Make the big decision.
  • Month 12: Get Married!

The Power is yours — and with Dr. Page's guidance, you'll use that power to meet and marry your Perfect Guy. From designing the ultimate Spouse Shopping List to getting the right guy to commit, this tried-and-true method gives you the blueprint you need to take charge of your love life and find love that can last a lifetime — in only 12 months or less!

Published in U. S. by Adams media.

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Also published in Korea, Japan, and Poland.

Dr. Page’s next book, Endless Love: Keeping Romance and Sex Alive Forever will be available 2021.


Whether or not the 50’s are the new 30’s, let’s hope that 90’s are the new 70’s because being on the planet at 90 or longer is getting more likely all the time.  This can be a blessing or a curse depending on how and when you take charge of your life. We will live longer. Living well – developing your personal definition of quality and setting actionable goals to achieve a quality life - is the challenge.

At some point almost everyone realizes you don’t get to grow into being perfect. Oh well, perfect would be pretty boring anyway. A high quality life is a different story and an achievable vision. Quality starts with self-worth – believing you deserve a good life and that you are of value right now without achieving your own or anyone else’s illusion of being error free. Self-improvement - whether it is expanding your functional and/or emotional intelligence, finding faith, increasing intimacy, excelling in your career, or discovering your sexuality - begun now, is an infrastructure that will last forever.

How many of your current habits do you really want to keep? Our attitudes and habits  help determine our fate. If you are currently 40 or 50 and in good health, you have approximately 40-50 years left to drag along ineffectual and destructive choices or you can alter your course. The choice is yours. Why wait? Starting now is wisdom. At any age, the time to shape and change your game plan is now. Make other people’s opinions of you not your business. Decide that you deserve the freedom to do what you want to do (barring harm to self and others and preferably having high standards for how you choose to treat the people in your world). 



  • Amazon

    The book is loaded with tips and advice, but it is also interactive in that it begins with having the reader take a good look at themselves and their history in Chapter One. From that information the book has a jumping off point to help you realize and evaluate finding love and a relationship.

    Here's a sample of the many "Love Notes" that are through out the book:
    "Heed the old cliche` when you point a finger, there are three more pointing back at you."
    "Nothing dampens a love relationship faster than yelling, meanness, and overall immaturity. After all, it takes a grownup to have a good marriage: in fact, it takes two. Character assassination is not foreplay."

    As someone who's been married for quite some time, I can say that this book is full of real, practical advice that really rings true and not just for those that are single. Sometimes in a relationship, after it has matured, you can forget some of the fundamental basics of respect and consideration to yourself and your partner. All those things you try to do while catching a partner, should be continued after you've snared them, if you plan to keep them.

  • Examiner

    “The book's message is … no manipulation, no games. Just a plan to take an honest look at yourself … Dr. Janet Page is the author and a psychotherapist, and taught at Emory University. She begins with asking readers to understand what you really want in a relationship, and admit to patterns that haven't served you in the past. Then she moves on to how to … enjoy yourself on a date rather than look at it as a chore. ‘If you are doing this right, you feel great, are enjoying yourself, and know that dating is not a funeral. It is an opportunity.’”

  • Luxury Reading

    “Don’t let the title Get Married This Year: 365 Days to “I Do” throw you off of this book. It’s not just about getting hitched. If you are looking for ways to figure yourself out, discover your short comings when it comes to dating, and figure out why you don’t pick the ‘right’ partners then this book is for you.”

  • Marie Masters, Assistant Director, New Group Theater Company

    “Want some practical advice on how to get and keep a man? Dr. Page has tips even Carrie Bradshaw would appreciate--not to mention Grandma. In "Get Married this Year: 365 Days to "I Do", learn how to cinch-belt that leopard skin, pick up that club, love-tap that guy, drag him back to your lair and keep him there. He'll love you for it.”

  • Cyberlibrarian

    “This is a tall order, but one that Dr. Page has been doing for many years. She says that the goal of the book is not to simply get “married off” but to marry well. Through stories, worksheets, and pithy little “love notes,” she lays out a plan of self-improvement, careful choices and brave decision making that will lead to a worthy relationship.”

  • Atlanta New Relationship Examiner

    "If you are looking to have a ring on your finger this year, but don't have the person you want to slip it on there yet, treat yourself to a copy of Janet Blair Page's new book. Even if you are in a relationship this book has some very good introspectivetips that all of us can use either as a new guide or a good "Kick in the pants" reminder."

  • Suite 101 Self-Help Books

    "I'd recommend the book for those looking to find the right person to form a long lasting relationship, even if marriage is not the desired result. It's a quick read and offers plenty of good advice."

  • Lidia Nistor-Reteneller, Atlanta-Ga

    This book is about developing and maintaining a committed relationship with the best person for you. The book is really engaging, practical, and extremely fun to explore. I own a spa and I have read this book mainly so I can be able to suggest some of Dr. Janet Page' s advice to my clients who entrust me with their personal issues during their treatments. I have it in my waiting room, and my clients love it. Loved the 'Love Resume' idea, and all the helpful quizzes. This book is providing a mathematical formula to finding the love you deserve! Dive in. You will emerge happier.