The book is loaded with tips and advice, but it is also interactive in that it begins with having the reader take a good look at themselves and their history in Chapter One. From that information the book has a jumping off point to help you realize and evaluate finding love and a relationship.

Here’s a sample of the many “Love Notes” that are through out the book:
“Heed the old cliche` when you point a finger, there are three more pointing back at you.”
“Nothing dampens a love relationship faster than yelling, meanness, and overall immaturity. After all, it takes a grownup to have a good marriage: in fact, it takes two. Character assassination is not foreplay.”

As someone who’s been married for quite some time, I can say that this book is full of real, practical advice that really rings true and not just for those that are single. Sometimes in a relationship, after it has matured, you can forget some of the fundamental basics of respect and consideration to yourself and your partner. All those things you try to do while catching a partner, should be continued after you’ve snared them, if you plan to keep them.

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