Endless Love: Falling, Re-falling and Staying In Love Forever


Love doesn’t die if you don’t kill it. Janet shares advice on how to keep the spark alive and actually make it bonfire worthy!

Selecting well when choosing a partner is important but so is making the best of your choice. Nothing in life is better than a committed relationship that works. But you need to keep your relationship moving forward with creative loving and effort. Stasis doesn’t exist in a relationship, and if you don’t work at keeping the love alive, things will start moving backward quickly. If you stopped working at your job, you’d probably lose it. The same thing goes for relationships. How can you keep your love alive now and in the years to come? If you provide maintenance, enhancement, and variety (we all need change up sometimes no matter how good a relationship is), then love will work for you. One person can change a relationship. It’s simple: if you change, change happens.

Learn about communication do’s and don’ts, creating your own love bait and using it, setting a new love game plan, and most importantly, getting a new attitude. Positive expectations plus effort produce positive results, and that applies to love just like anything else!

The time to be a better lover in every sense of the word is now. You have so many years to reap the benefits. 

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