Eat Well. Live Well. Love Well.


Having a loving relationship with the food you eat is paramount to a physically and mentally healthy life. Learn to love what you eat and be sure it loves you right back. Diets don’t work and neither does self-denigration, or obsessive compulsive eating behaviors. Diets are short term. Attitude is life-long.

It is not just what you eat but how, when and why that are important to your health and happiness.

Participants will learn how variety, freedom of choice, and enjoyment are essential to a lifelong approach to food. Discover how to eat and be satisfied, cheerful and full. To feel good in your own skin, you need to write your own rules and make them flexible, sustainable and livable. Create a more joyful body image and a lifetime action plan that really works for you.

The infrastructure is the quality of love in your life and the lifestyle you lead. Eating is not a cure for loneliness, personal dissatisfaction, or lack of purpose. Over eating can produce unwanted weight but so does procrastination, aggravation, resentment, depression, and boredom.

Identify and start changing what bothers you most (what’s eating you?) and your feelings about yourself change too. Live life to the fullest without guilt about what you eat, whom you love, or how you live. You don’t need to be more disciplined just more aware.

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Dr. Janet Page

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